The 2019 Coronavirus, “2019-nCov” (now known as COVID-19), is being mocked by a lot of people… a punch-line for jokes about “over-exaggerated” response by the general public. 

In COVID-19, ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona’, ‘VI’ for ‘virus’ and ‘D’ for disease. The media and social platforms are saturated with buzz over this hot-topic. I tried to “bite my tongue” for as long as possible, but now write this post so that perhaps there might be a “perspective” for understanding the gravity of how REAL this situation is for some of us.

This pandemic is serious; but, it’s particularly dangerous for certain individuals in groups defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as “High Risk” population(s); case in point, my sweet baby boy — Thaddeus Kieran Barrett (aka “Chappy”).   

Kieran has lived the vast majority of his life in “isolation”… at nearly four years old, he hasn’t been able to attend ‘normal’ pre-school, or even receive special education services outside the confines of our home, due to his severely compromised medical state. A mere cold or minor respiratory illness for a normal person has proven life-threatening for Kieran. So, as you might imagine, COVID-19 is terrifying (and, in a way, aggravating) for us. 

It stands to reason that if you’re even reading this message, you follow the story of our family and you recognize how grave the consequences of being a “covIDIOT” can be. To that end, I hope that you’ll feel empowered to share and partner throughout our communities — allowing us to best support and protect each other (especially our fragile friends) amidst these unprecedented circumstances. 

IRB — 2019

It’s time to show that we can be a group of decent human beings who care more about each other than we do about ourselves.

This is our *ironic* opportunity for using “social distancing” to “come together” ❤

1 thought on “covIDIOTS

  1. Excellent article Emily and on spot!! Ignorance is not bliss but instead deadly in this patticular circumstance! God bless you and your precious family, especially that baby boy!


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