**there’s no place like home**

After nearly a year of advocating, paperwork gathering, making calls and sending emails, Kieran is officially approved to receive full time in-home nursing services through Medicaid. Our prayers have, thankfully, been answered!

To know that our warrior angel will finally have better chances of staying out of the hospital, and be under professional medical care in the comfort of our humble abode, is a super awesome *incredible* victory!

Sifting through seemingly endless files of medical records — trying to organize what needs to be submitted at this final stage of the process — makes it hard not to struggle with the flood of emotions I naturally experience when gut wrenching words jump right off the paper and land on my already heavy heart.

I’m a reader and writer by trade, so it’s a little ironic that there are a couple of the diagnostic letters I simply choose not to re-read nor write about… they only serve to bring an ominous black cloud over us, and I refuse to let any of that negative energy deter focus or otherwise steal even a morsel of our boy’s natural sunshine.

I know we are now embarking on new way of life that will be foreign, but will also be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for — we’re ready to heal.

Give thanks. Accept peace. Be gracious. Find hope. Stay kind. Love always.


[as my nieces call me]

‘Auntie Em’

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