“The Perfect Date”

It’s April 25th.

Today, I write under the auspice that perspective is EVERYTHING.

Thanks to my dear friend [yet to realize] Sandra Bullock, I was introduced to the idea of how differently each of us can translate and interpret things.

In one of my favorite movies (circa 2000), ‘Miss Rhode Island’ was asked to describe her ‘idea of a perfect date’ to which she responded [assuming “date” meant actual day of the year — when, in fact, “date” was intended to refer to ‘romantic’ outing]: “I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.”

All comedy aside, the irony here is prime.

For me: Today [April 25th] was, indeed, ‘perfect’ by measure of those words — “not too hot, not too cold” and a day where one only needed a light jacket. Fair enough; however, words are just that: words. It’s amazing how what comes out of a person’s mouth (what was, in the aforementioned #misscongeniality example, a question) can mean something entirely different to the individual on the receiving end.

As much as I’d love to articulate my never ending thoughts on said topic, I’ve decided to keep this entry short and sweet:

Be mindful of what you say, consider how you execute the message, and engage forward-thinking in terms of how person on the other end may interpret what you are saying or asking.  

Never rush to assumption, regularly ask questions, and always be confident before [and in subsequent execution of] using your voice. We are all on different paths, and specific circumstances/experiences impact our personal viewpoints… perhaps we could all benefit from acknowledging this fact before preemptively passing judgement.

In closing, and in all senses by which ‘date’ can be defined, my April 25th [2019] was totally the “date” of perfection.


“Miss Congeniality”

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